Asylum imago
Digital exhibition, Proof of concept, 2021

    “In the past incarceration in an asylum was a spectacle; worthy of public visitors, for others out of sight was out of mind.” 
            -Lalita Kaplish

Asylum imago is an experimental and artistic exploration of the digital exhibition format. It examines the use of archival materials through spatial experiences, immersion and interaction as a means of creating embodiment. It explores various possibilities with the digital material where it is ability to overlook physical limitations to, for example, visual, audio, narrative and movement.

The exhibition mediates content about mental health and digital archival material. But on this page, no pictures from the archive is displayed, it is just a Proof of concept.   

The exhibition has a game inspired design and above you can test the concept. Below you can read about how to got around in the experience.

To get around in the showroom, use the following commands:

          • The W, A, S and D keys or the arrow keys to move forward, backward, right and left.

          • The Q and E keys to move up and down on the different levels in the exhibition.

          • Use the mouse to look around in the space.

          • If you see some yellow lines, it means that you are on your way away from the exhibition objects.

          • Press the X key to end the tour.

          • Reload the webpage to re-enter.

A tip is that the experience will be more pleasant if you use a mouse and the keys W, A, S and D, but it is quite possible to use a mouse pad and arrow keys. Also, do not miss using the Q and E keys.

The music in the game is a mix and manipulation of sounds licensed with CC0 1.0