Boundaries of reality

A tool, curated space, installation, animation, and performance, 2020

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Boundaries of reality is a tool that in new ways can create understanding and curiosity for our inner experiences.


What is Boundaries of reality?

Boundaries of reality is a spatial tool that enables a different type of mediation of mental experiences. It revolves around an artistic core and one's own perception of reality, but also invites others to participate in the discussion.

The tool consists of an installation where participants can sit down to reflect. In terms of experience, it offers a sculptural room with a seating area and an animation with accompanying sounds. The experiences also offer a participatory element where participants can share their thoughts on some issues.
Possible places to place the tool in

In a waiting room, can make the experience in a waiting room into something more

In a school environment to raise awareness and discussion in a young target group

As an action in the urban space to reach the public and the media

Regardless of the environment in which the tool is placed, its intention can be further deepened with connecting lectures or discussions.

Use Boundaries of reality for new ways to contribute to the mediation, debate and participation of mental health!

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The music in the animation is a mix and manipulation of sounds licensed with CC0 1.0