En Kodad upplevelse (A coded experience)

Interactive installation, Prototype, mixt media, 2018

The work is a figuration of my bachelor thesis that involves interaction design as a cultural economic resource through aesthetic theories. The design of "En kodad upplevelse" creating an opportunity for interaction between the audience and the work which has the potential to generate an experience and knowledge. The prototype is an interactive quiz where the participant is part of the created experience. The questions and answers in the quiz are inhibited from the essay. The work was part of the exhibition Behind the screens.

Movie Behind the screens by Sofia Malmborg

Behind the screens

I was one of the curators of the degree exhibition in scientific communication for the bachelor's program Media, aesthetics, and cultural entrepreneurship. It was a project on communicating science from our written bachelor project in other forms than an essay and organize a joint exhibition of these works.

See more here: http://behindthescreens.se

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