An exhibition together with Hugo Pilate, 2024

Can you mourn that which you have not lived alongside of? And if not, what are you to do when echoes of their lives brush up against you? Traces of past lives surround us, in the gentle giants of the Gothenburg harbor cranes, to the lasting impact of the Grén family's commitment to the green urban spaces of Gothenburg. If it is clear how we might visit them out of curiosity, or to pay our respects, it is less evident how they inhabit us in our daily lives and help us channel our imaginaries, our convictions, our losses.

Over the course of a week, we went on walks to two different areas, chosen for the stranger they represented, and captured 3D scans along the way. Through this process, we explored our respective, distant, relationship to two very different strangers through the very very imperfect craft of photogrammetry. These scans were then rendered and collaged to create artworks on the walls. Together the body of work explores the role of the creative process in paying tribute to those whose lives have passed.