Screening the Family Trees
master project in design, 2023-2024
The master project child remains- Screening the Family Trees is a collaboration between the museum  the museum Lilla Änggården and HDK-Valand student Gabriella Di Feola.
child remains / telning stoft
an immersive conversation about grief

The museum Lilla Änggården tells the story of family Grén. Although the focus is on the family, certain members are not particularly visible in the story. Arvid Grén had 5 children and  three of these children did not survive beyond the ages of 15 years, 1 year, and 4 years. There are very few stories about these children at the museum.

“The children have captured my attention and from this starting point, I have focused my exploration. The silent story about the children has awakened a sadness in me, the fact that they are not visible either in life or for the loss           that happened. “

In the absence of stories, what is there to tell? This exploration is combined with making room for contemporary experiences of child loss through Di Feola's experiences of losing a daughter as well as other parents' experiences of child loss.
Final presentation and review at HDK

Testing at Lilla Änggården

The veranda at Lilla Engården